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Dangers of Spiritual “Overdose”

Do you remember the potato chip company that told us we couldn't eat just one? Who among us then ate a whole bag only to become sick to our stomach? The problem? Failing to recognize that balance would bring happiness. A few chips are a superb complement to a hamburger or sandwich lunch, but a whole bag likely results in misery. We all have heard about the importance of daily rest for the body, which freshens the physical body and mind, but too much can result in lethargy, which is the opposite of what is intended! The same can be true about everything good: too much usually results in problems. The solution? Balance!

Having served a largely church-based clientele in the last decade, I heard many spouses complain that their partners were "obsessed" with reading the Bible as well as attending multiple weekly church events, and responding to every household problem with a robotic sounding Bible verse. I have seen many marriages and family relationships became estranged as a result. Those intense spouses/parents missed the "memo" that while there is a benefit to everyone having a spiritual side, even too much of a good thing can bring unintended, disastrous results. Balancing spiritual principles with common sense partnering and parenting is a much more effective and loving response to a family matter than always wagging a demanding finger and the Bible at someone's misdeeds.

It would help every spouse and parent to keep in mind author Robert Fulghum's pointers in his essay "All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten." Within that essay, about how to live a happy and sane life, we find the recommendation to "Live a balanced life: learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work some every day." While most believe wisdom can only be found after decades of education and experience, Fulghum points out that the most basic wisdom for happy families was there, all the while, in the sandbox from our youth.

If every family would remember to follow these simple principles and bring balance into their family life every day, rather than incline toward spiritual "overdose" I believe there would be much more happiness within marriages and families, and a lot less consultations with attorneys!

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