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It’s The Law! More Than Just A Pet Peeve – Clean Up After Your Dog!

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Now that the weather is cooler, many of us spend time outside enjoying bike riding and walking. There are also those in our community who enjoy walking their dogs all year long. It’s great exercise for owner and pet, as well as a chance to chat with neighbors who are also enjoying the outside, or working in their yard. Being neighborly includes picking up any “deposit” left by your dog. In fact, it’s more than just being a good neighbor – it’s the law.

Dog owners should know that some communities have a Code of Ordinance that considers animal feces to be a public nuisance. If your dog leaves a “deposit” on the sidewalk, street, swale, or property of someone other than the owner of the dog, the Ordinance requires that the walker must immediately make effort to remove the “deposit.” The penalty for violating the Ordinance may be a civil monetary penalty up to $500.00. Continued violations may subject the dog’s owner to additional penalties.

Although being a good neighbor and the threat of the penalty for violating this Ordinance should be enough to motivate dog owners to scoop up the poop, the health issues are concerning as well. Ever bring something brown into your car or house from the bottom of your shoe? According to topic on What to Do with Doggy Doo, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says pet waste contains lots of nasty bacteria which can make people sick, including gastrointestinal infections, fever, muscle aches, infections to the ear, eye, and throat, headaches and more.

For those who are squeamish about the task of picking up dog “deposits” provides helpful tips and simple instructions.

Bottom line: Pick up after your dog – it’s more than just a pet peeve – it’s the law!


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